Indoor Bubble Soccer is now in TORONTO

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SOCCER | with protection

The bubble weighs about 20 pounds and is outfitted with a pair of straps and handles on the inside.”You feel invincible… until you get hit” hilarious to watch and play.

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To your surprise, ladies love it! The suits are very protective, the Game master will be there to balance the team, and there will also be a lot of games that would require the ladies to run fast and work together.

This game is also the perfect opportunity for Guys to protect their Ladies on their team from falling to reach the other side.

Children as young as six have played. The suits are very protective and the children at that age can build up enough momentum to remotely be of any harm. From our observations, it is much safer for kids and they absolutely love both playing and spectating, did we mention that we love work with kids? If you would like to arrange this for a group of little people, please let us know!
Our balls are safety rated to accommodate players up to 190lbs in weight and under 6’5 in height.
Players mainly follow the rules of soccer, except they are protected from the knee up with in an inflatable plastic bubble. This allows players to knock each other to the ground. It’s funny to watch, but aficionados say it’s also a good workout for players.
Our Game Master has created many other fun games as well for groups to participate in using the bubble protector. Many people find these additional games more preferable.

Last man standing: a group of Sumos will compete to be the king of the bubble.
Capture the flag: you need to be smart about this.
LOL: attack and defense to check your strategy and leadership skills.

wait what is Bubble soccer?

Fun to watch, fun to play!

what so special?

Calories Burn
Dead Funny
Brain Skills
Creative Mini Game: Bubble sumo, Team angry Bird, Tower defense
peaceful family and friends time

Why Us?
We hosted

  • Indoor field rental included in all prices
  • Thick turf field provides protection for your knee and legs
  • Easy online system to plan out your experience.
  • All our prices are inclusive – Just book, come and play! Let us deal with the tough parts with the equipment and facility!
  • Options to take pictures/videos while you are playing
  • We help you get the most out of the bubble fun
  • 2mencave only signature mini game

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